Annual program

INST 2020:




Through an annual

series of collective

exercises, INST intends

to explore topics

relevant to the

disciplinary field and

today’s world.

Everything around us seems to have been manufactured. Everything has gone through a design and manufacturing process (or polluted by), a transformation in which at a certain point has been linked to a device . Devices Building Devices.

The daily objects, the spaces we inhabit, the clothes we use, the food we eat, the vehicles that transport us, the lights that illuminate at night; the digital world that interacts with us, the WIFI waves and artificial satellites; the regulations, the protocols of conduct; politics, finances, images, sounds, art, advertising, landscapes, cities, and even our desires, are associated with a form of manufacturing.

At a first glance, we could say that this is excellent news for creators linked to design: we have a lot to experiment ahead! However, the hasty paradigm shift that these mutations imply becomes, to a large extent, indecipherable and unpredictable for humans.

It is from here that we intend to explore the first annual program of INST 2020. How do these transformations affect our field of action and thought? How do they modify the built space, the environment and the territory? How does the working structure and production mutate? How to understand them from a historical perspective? What responsibilities do they imply? What new capabilities and disabilities emerge? How are our personal and collective relationships affected?

What is the role that would acquire, or should acquire, our possibility of imagination? What place does creativity, inherent in human nature and crucial to architecture, occupy when everything has been manufactured alongside a device?