INSTerviews is a cycle

of conversations


themes between

architecture, design,

landscape and art.

Each series of 

INSTerviews deals

with the relations of proximity

(and distance) of

different practices

that operate with the

transformation of the

physical and virtual


The INSTerviews are

carried out by INST’s

team together with

external and  delocalized

and collaborators.

This interview focuses on the Strandbeest structures by Theo Jansen —specifically the first exemplars in the Southern Hemisphere, at Cerro Timbó, Uruguay.

The dutch artist reminisces on the nature of his work and about the meaning of his moving criatures, how they could be interpreted as new ways of life and their relation to evolution, nature, the digital and shared creation.

Theo Jansen was interviewed by Andres Gobba, Matias Carballal and Mauricio López —co-founders and directors of INST— and by Carlos Abboud — Argetinian art collector, founder of the Cerro Timbó park, lawyer and entrepreneur —.