Exercise 01:


2020 Concepts


We need new concepts

Deadline: April 26th

We need new concepts.

INST’s launch exercise seeks to create a collection of new foundational concepts for the project that is just beginning.

INST calls for the invention of neologisms capable of naming new realities, behaviors, desires and architectures. Binge, bitcoin, burnout, drone, follower, fracking, hacker, hashtag, hipster, meme, cloud, post, procrastination, selfie, timeline, wearable, workaholic are examples of words or meanings that have emerged in the face of new phenomena that demand to be named, and that could, as a whole, define our time.

We are currently living in fast paced times with unpredictable changes that keep us incapable of understanding and enunciating what we are experiencing or what is yet to come. The language must be updated rapidly to put our time into words.

What if the creation of a neologism preceded reality to transform it?

INST calls professionals, teachers, students and people related to architecture and design to build together a seasonal dictionary for our areas of action. Each one will contribute new concepts and their definitions. These will form a collective toolbox from which INST will begin to operate.

INST will select the best neologisms to be published in a downloadable web dictionary format.

Printed on cloth, the dictionary will also be a fashion collection. We will change the language for this new Spring-Summer season.

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Deadline: April 26th